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Monday, October 22, 2007

This template is only in PSD format. If I have more time, I will try to do png as well. Blogger doesn't seem to like this image, but if you click it, its much clearer in the new window. :)

We are getting all decked out for Halloween, got two pumpkins picked out for the kids to help carve. Put some orange lights and spider garland around the porch.

Hubby and I are even dressing up this year, which is a first for us as a couple... lol. I am being a vampiress and he is being a sort of faceless death.

The kids have their costumes all picked out, Darth Vader and Super Girl / Wonder Woman. They are really looking forward to it. We are even going to play spooky music and do the whole dry ice thing while we hand out candy.

So in honor of our over the top Halloween Festivities this year I decided a new template freebie was in order. Hope you enjoy and find some use for it. I would love to see any layouts you create.

Thursday, October 18, 2007
So this is a little mini kit freebie I made for Nov 2006 Newsletter at Deco-Pages.com, I thought I'd share it again here now in case anyone could find further uses for it. :)

Yesterday we went and gathered some pecans. I am trying to decide now if I want to try my hand at a pecan pie which I have never made before, or stick with something easier like a coffee cake with pecan topping...

Just another sign its already getting "that time of year", the urge to bake more, want to be outside enjoying the fall colors, having to think about Christmas shopping which we are already running late on.... lol. Oh and I plan to start halloween shopping / decorating later today if all goes as planned.

I have been sticking to my schedule for riding the stat. bike at least some every day. Usually at least 5 miles. So I am staying motivated there and hoping to get better at it. I'm going to need it if I get to baking much more... lol.

Hope you enjoy this freebie, you can download it here.

Be sure to check out all the newsletters at Deco-Pages.com, there are freebies in every one!! :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007
Well the kids had their cousins spend the night last night, and had a blast. They were awake til midnight or after though... lol. I know they will be tired tonight. It's fall break here, but we are still going to get some make up school in this week.

Today though, I made a little template, hopefully it works well for everyone. :) It includes a psd file and several png files for those without PS.

For those with Photoshop who may not know how easy it is to use templates -- it is oh so easy. Just drag your papers, or photos, directly over the template layer you want to apply them to, and press ctrl+alt+g and it will mask the top layer to the one under it. And apply the style affects applied to the template layer.

Sooo cool and easy!! :D

You can see my sample here using this template (kit not included with this template). I used my November Color Challenge Kit I had been working on yesterday.

I hope you enjoy and will share your layouts you create over at the Deco-Pages.com gallery. :) Please leave a little comment when you download, it's always very much appreciated.

Check back soon, as this template thing is addictive and I may have a few more if I find time to create them.

Monday, October 15, 2007
November is my birthday month, and I just love this time of year for so many reasons - the weather, the holidays, the family time... I have the honor of doing the Color Challenge kit for Deco-Pages.com next month, and I wanted to make sure it was something extra special!

I got it all finished last night and I'm just love love loving it! The starter kit will be available in the store November 1st for just $1.99, and then you can earn the two add-ons by submitting layouts during November as well ( purchase not required to participate, but appreciated ;) ). Or if you somehow miss getting your layouts in, the whole kit will go on sale together in December ... price still to be determined. ;)

I just wanted to show it off somewhere, so hope you all enjoy the sneak peek! :D

Click the images below to view them in larger detail.

Isn't it just fabulous!! I am so loving being able to design again now that my hands are more healed from the surgery... This kit is a whopping mega too, it's around 280MB if I remember correctly. Lots of fun goodies, I really love the sewn ribbons in the reward 1 add on.

It's worth winning, so I hope to see lots of submissions to the challenge.

And a little toot for my own horn... I've even been exercising more, go me. 5 miles on the stat. bike today and 8 miles yesterday... gotta start somewhere right?? Hubby is on the wagon with me, we both need to get much healthier... so we plan to give each other a kick in the pants as needed.... lol.
Friday, October 5, 2007
Someone on my moms list sent this through. I just thought it was my civic duty to pass it onto any of you other moms out there. Hopefully it gives you a little smile for the day. :)


Thursday, October 4, 2007

Well I always loved the colors in my Calypso Breeze kit, but it was a small kit and made when I was really just starting to putter around with digital scrap designing. So yesterday I went back in and made a few new pieces for it, breathed some new life into it... More backgrounds, more elements.

And then decided I had to play with it some, since it was all prettied up. So I made this quickpage to share with everyone. I hope you all enjoy it and find some use for it. :D

I would love love love to see any layouts you make with it, you can post them over at the Deco-Pages.com gallery.

Oh and please excuse our missing colors over at the DP shopping cart, our css went on vacation and I haven't been able to figure out just where yet .... {scratching head} .... so we have a SOS out to the cart support and hopefully it will be fixed up nice and pretty again soon.

Ok so enough hot air right?? :)


Please remember to leave a little love while downloading... it only takes a second and the pain is over fast. ;)
Monday, October 1, 2007
And that can only mean one thing...

The new Club Deco Kit has been released to our Club Members!!

This month was quite a challenge for me, as Art Nouveau is not my usual style. But this months kits turned out to be one of my favorites so far, for my part and from all the designers at Deco-Pages.com.

This collage is some of my kit for the club this month.

:) Isn't it just beautiful, lol... And you can also check out the other designers contribution in the gallery at Deco-Pages.com. If you aren't a member yet, you are truly missing out. The kits each month are more than MEGA and are a steal at the price per year... just $36, gets you 12 months of Club Deco Kits, and that doesn't even include the other freebies the designers give out to members, or the Color Challenge Starter Kit each month.

Check it out here -- http://deco-pages.com/home.php?cat=254